Careers at Sched

Meet our global team. Spanning 4 continents, 7 time zones, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we're on the lookout for our next teammate! Do you have a proven track record of success? Join us to help elevate our small team into a global force that revolutionizes the event ecosystem for our customers and their stakeholders.

Our Mission

Sched brings people together to make the world a better place

We go to events to get inspired, learn from peers, build life-long friendships, and discover new opportunities. When we come together around shared interests, we build rapport and understanding through shared experiences. Our mission is to help encourage more of these experiences every day.

Enabling exceptional events

Sched is a bootstrapped company dedicated to creating environments that enable exceptional and engaging exchanges. Our event management software and services help individuals and communities grow from the opportunities their events build.

Influencing tens of millions each year

Our products and services touch tens of millions of users every year through conferences, conventions, festivals, meetings, and events hosted by organizations like Stanford University, the United Nations, the American Red Cross, and YMCA.

Seriously, there is an event for everything!

Our Culture

We are a 100% remote, distributed and global team! We regularly get together throughout the year for team meetings in incredible places. Some of our past travels have taken us to places like Argentina, Austin, San Diego, California, Cambodia, Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Costa Rica. Part work and part vacation, we call these team get-togethers #schedcation.

  • Unquestionable Integrity: You are honest, forthright, and principled. You do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it and adhere to morals and ethics.
  • Long-Term, Strategic Mindset: Most overnight successes are 10 years in the making. We need someone willing to take the long-term view. You should nurture the soil and help us plant the seeds today that will grow into the Redwood Forest of the future.
  • Strong Management Skills: You are a proven individual who helps produce results you didn’t even know you were capable of. You should thrive on collaborating with others to reach your full potential.
  • Strong Leadership Ability: We are looking for leaders who are not limited to managing themselves effectively. You can also help your team to comprehend and believe in our vision and can work with others to achieve our goals.
  • Energetic, “No Drama” Attitude: We want someone who can distinguish between the urgent and important and views obstacles as opportunities for improvement. We want someone who enthusiastically looks for the root cause of problems and creates upstream solutions (versus the “put out the fire” immediate solutions approach). Most things are rarely as bad as they seem or as good as they could be.
  • Strong Communication Skills: You will need to demonstrate strong verbal, written, and visual communication skills.
  • Constant Learners: You should be dedicated to your personal and professional growth and development. This should be evidenced in some way through formal education, professional credentials (e.g. certifications), ongoing training and development, industry events, and/or regular reading (e.g. books). Be able to discuss what you’ve learned and how to implement it.
  • Open Personality: We strive to create what Ray Dalio terms a believability-weighted, idea-meritocracy. Part of this is constantly giving and receiving feedback from everyone. We want someone who can give and receive constructive feedback in meaningful ways to help our systems improve.
  • Systems Thinkers: You should think of everything in terms of systems and work to create, document, test, manage and improve these systems.
  • Self Starter: You can figure things out without a playbook.
  • Attention To Detail: You should have fantastic attention to detail. Nothing big or small escapes your gaze.